Chocolate maker Benoît Nihan of Liège / Belgium

  • Walking by the shop in Maastricht
    Walking by the shop in Maastricht


The chocolate maker Benoît Nihan from Liège has also a shop in Maastricht / Netherlands. This is how I discovered his chocolate. It is one of his 4 shops and the only one in this country. And what of a shop it is! It takes the presentation of chocolate to a very modern style with contemporary furniture which does not show any sign of the craft behind chocolate making. It puts rather the finished product in the focus. And this encompasses the wrapping as well which is very refined.

And what about the chocolate? Well, it is really really good! The aromas are so refined! Wow! And it does not matter if it is pure dark chocolate or the ganache. It was the first time to experience tobacco aromas in a chocolate. And the pralines look beautifully decorated as well. Great!

If you ever come to the old town of Maastricht, check out Havenstraat 8 to experience this great chocolate.

Update: unfortunately Benoît Nihan is not anymore present in Maastricht

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