Blood sausage from Maastricht / Netherlands

  • Blood sausage in a book
    Blood sausage in a book

Strolling through through the very pleasant very catholic city of Maastricht in early January when neighborliness Belgians, Germans and Dutch still enjoy some vacation, there is time enough to be in the discovery mode. Not only for the sales in every clothes shop.

Walking by the butcher “slagerij franssen” (St. Pieterstraat 42) blood sausage (bloedworst in Dutch) was presented with great pride in the display window.

An invitation to enter.

The sales lady (owner of the shop?) said the it was freshly prepared the same day and had to rest overnight before being sold. But she had some frozen one. It was a delight. The texture was almost like a firm mousse au chocolat (well …). It is very flavourful and indeed reminded a bit of cocoa. It can be eaten just “raw” like it is or fried in a pan in slices. Well, let’s see if there will still be some left to be used in the pan.