Piata Domenii market, Bucharest / Romania

The Piata Domenii open market in Bucharest is located next to the busy street Bulevardul Ion Mihalache in the middle of this large city. It is not huge, but large enough to cover all needs in food and flowers. It is these flowers which greet you when entering the market, lifting the mood when the weather is rather unpleasantly cold and wet.

The stands are very standardized. They look like turn over plastic containers in different colours. The products, mainly vegetables are presented in a very lush way. There is no mix of vegetables from different seasons, they fit to the outgoing winter.

Pickles, often seen in Romanian cuisine were available as well, in non branded glasses, looking like home made.

Next to the temporary structures for vegetables, fruit etc. there are fixed structures as well for butchers, cheese and other animal products. The cheeses are rather simple and can be found this way in many other Eastern European countries. This also valid for the sausages. And they still look very home made. It is pleasant to see some non-branded stuff.

All in all: A lush market, very good for daily purchases.