Food market, Bregenz / Austria

Visiting an open food market on a rainy is not a very pleasant experience. Still if the offer and the setup are nice your face will smile. Well, Bregenz in Austria at the Lake Constance is a nice city. With nice museums and a known theatre with a stage on the lake itself.

The local food market does not follow this route, it is small and therefore the choice not too large. The choice of local food is there but not to a wide extent.But it tasted good.

It is located along a smaller street in the heart of Bregenz which gives a bit a of a cozy feeling. The presentation of the offerings was fairly standard and did not take advantage of the surroundings.

It is certainly more joyful on a sunny day watching from the cafe next to the market people doing their purchases.

All in all: a very simple market, still with some quality produce.