Soulard market, St. Louis, Missouri / USA

  • Soulard Market St. Louis

This is one of my favourites: Soulard market. Since 1779 – okay I was not born at the time. And it is a market with a true character, not as flashy as Pike Place market in Seattle (WA) but it offers a unique variety of great food and at times live animals (chicken, turkey etc.).

It is located not so far from the river and Budweiser brewery.

The iron construction is quite remarkable but focused to support what Soulard is: a market where you can make your daily and festive food purchases and where you meet people from a lot of backgrounds. Beef jerky there is great, as well as a large variety of many food products. At times squirrels steal some nuts and are being chased by the vendors without great success.

Something to appreciate: despite being a well known place it has remained a place which does not offer fake glamour but a sense that a good agricultural product speaks for itself.

All in all: If you ever come to St. Louis, it is a place not to miss, if you appreciate food markets.

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