Quick tour of the Pike Place Market in Seattle, Washington / USA

  • Vegetables

The Pike Place Market in Seattle is quite known by tourists coming from the US and abroad. It is located close the water in a rather larger building. The surroundings are quite nice, not only because Starbucks opened its first coffee shop there. There are some food shops around, bars, restaurants etc. which give this environment a slight hipster touch.

Pike Place Market is known for fish especially salmon, which is chosen by the customer, then packed on site and shipped. Quite a convenient service. The selection of oysters is nice, unfortunately they were not opened on site by the staff 🙁 The result of my “hunger” was then a few drops of blood when handling them with a pocket knife. Well, it was worth it.

Besides fish and shells there are also stands for vegetables and fruits and other non-food items. I bought some gluten free pasta for a friend. In general the choices are rather limited, but I like the gluten free pasta which I bought for a friend. It is not an impressive market, it is lacking the creativity one can find on the West Coast in general. The focus on tourists does not add a lot of quality to this market for a food lover either.

All in all: not a must see market for food lovers, but it is nice to see the salmon and oysters.

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