Food & farmers’ markets of the European capitals


I love lists, all sorts of lists, no idea why. And I like good blog posts on food & farmers’ markets. An ideal combination to publish a list of the European capitals and their markets. Why European capitals? Well, I live on this continent and this way I get to know it a bit better.

This list will grow and get better over time. I am happy about any suggestion or hint – contact me on Twitter: @askans


The European countries, their capitals & markets

Albania – Tirana

  • I did not find a lot, therefore I have to promote my own post: the new Bazaar in Tirana – I was impressed that they were selling open tobacco just like any veggie

Andorra – Andorra la Vella

  • Not yet

Austria – Vienna

  • The Naschmarkt on this site during daytime & nighttime – during the day for shopping at night for entertainment and dining – a cool combination
  • The Naschmarkt by epicures with lots of pictures- a little bit of history and a wide choice of produce and artisan products – from exotic to local
  • The official English website
  • The Rochus Market which has a great wine pub at night

Belarus – Minsk

  • The Komarovski – market hall seems to be the place of attraction. The post from is in Cyrillic but has many good pictures. Like in many Eastern European countries there is clear structure and order in this market hall.

Belgium – Brussels

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Sarajevo

Bulgaria – Sofia

Croatia – Zagreb

  • The markets of Zagreb are very well organized and have almost a “branded” appearance as they all use standardized umbrellas etc. The Dolac market is the most known one and has also a great fish market.
  • Dolac market, the Dolac fish market, Kvatric market and the Trešnjevka one on this site
  • Dutched Pinay travels a lot and takes nice pictures from markets – in this case Dolac market
  • is a well known personality in Croatia: model, TV presenter & more – here she blogged on Kvatric market

Cyprus – Nicosia

Czech Republic – Prague

  • In the the touristic city of Prague farmers’ markets are supposed to be on the rise.
  • An overview of the markets from
  • Past, present & future of the big Holešovice market from
  • My own post

Denmark – Copenhagen

Estonia – Talinn

Finland – Helsinki

France – Paris

Germany – Berlin

Greece – Athens

  • As an introduction my post on the Central Market – A must see for meat & fish lovers
  • Matt Barrett has written several picture intense posts – The Central Market – an overview on some markets

Hungary – Budapest

  • My post on the Central Market Hall, which has a splendid architecture
  • A post on the Central Market Hall with many pictures from

Iceland – Reykjavík

  • Not yet

Ireland – Dublin

Italy – Rome

Kosovo – Pristina

  • Not yet

Latvia – Riga

Lichtenstein – Vaduz

  • Not yet

Lithuania – Vilnius

Luxembourg – Luxembourg

Macedonia – Skopje

Malta – Valletta

Moldova – Chișinău

  • Moldovan Life describes the Piata Centrala – the main market
  • Foodperestroika, a great blog with focus on Central and Eastern European food & cuisine is highly recommended – also the post on Moldovan food

Monaco – Monaco

  • Not yet

Montenegro – Podgorica

Netherlands – The Hague

Norway – Oslo

Poland – Warsaw

Portugal – Lisbon

Romania – Bucharest

Russia – Moscow

San Marino – San Marino

  • Not yet

Serbia – Belgrade

Slovakia – Bratislava

Slovenia – Ljubljana

Spain – Madrid

Sweden – Stockholm

Switzerland – Bern

UK – London

Ukraine – Kiev

That should be it Europe!?