Holesovice market in Prague / Czech Republic

  • The market
    The market

The HoleŇ°ovice market in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic is basically a large area covered by different halls. The hall 22 is the one we are looking for, as it is the one which is the closest to a farmers’ market. The other halls contain partly shops, flea markets and basically all sorts of stuff you might need or not in your daily life.

When I entered hall 22 at in the later afternoon, it was fairly empty, some stalls were already closed. Still enough to get an impression. The hall in itself is fairly large, quite larger than e.g. the Eastern Market in Washington DC. What is there to be found: vegetables of all sorts in rather large quantities if we add up all the stands. Fruit as well. Flowers, herbs were also available. But there was not so much meat, fish or cheese stands. Most of the produce seem to come from the Czech Republic, but I also saw produce from other Eastern European countries.

There were a few things which caught my eyes: the tons of banners across the hall, the one stand which sold whole sunflower seed heads, and a stand which had really nice looking dried sausages in really dark colors. I still do not know why I did not buy some. Maybe because the market was not very lively at the time, I did not feel so much the urge to buy something, despite the friendly sausage vendor.

All in all: Caters for daily life with a large selection of goods in a rather unusual setting.

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