Borough market, London / UK

The borough market in London/UK is not only a tourist destination. It is a true food market with quite a diverse mix of stands under an iron hall construction. It caters for a large variety of people: earthy crunchy ones (?), hardcore meat lovers, eco / regional fetishists, vegetarians, gourmet food lovers (without becoming posh), exotic food lovers and tourists (like me) as well. The market was packed on a Saturday, still not really hectic.

Some stands offer only a handful of homemade products (like the mushroom pâté one), and try to build their own brand, which reminds of some US markets which cater for a more eco friendly crowd. They are generous in providing samples. Other remind of old traditions and seem to occupy the family stand since centuries, especially the butchers, who are really impressive in stature.

What comes a bit short in this market is a classic vegetable and fruit section, it is rather smaller. Nevertheless it is rare to see a market which is able to keep a true character while adapting to modern tastes and needs of a not so poor middle class with some preference for good and ethical life.

All in all: A must see market.

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