Visiting markets – Sharing memories

Ute Lange, entrepreneur & traveler

I got to know Ute Lange through a variety of events, be it barcamps or meetings pushing the food agenda in the city of Bonn. Over time we had the chance to talk to each other, e.g. discussing the situation of the farmers’ markets in our city, where she sees a lot of potential for improvement.

Ute is a moderator, communication coach and owns her own company. Due to her job she has the chance to travel all over the world. She is always happy to find some time to visit markets and discover local food.

At one of the events in Bonn, during a break, she showed me her pictures from markets where I never had been. Kyrgyzstan, in central Asia got my special attention. I had already seen pictures of central Asian markets on one of my favorite blogs, Food Perestroika, which focuses on Eastern Block cuisine. Still those of Kyrgyzstan were new to me, they got all my attention and curiosity. They look so different to the markets I am used to, with so many uncommon produce; great.

Her market pictures from Thailand provided a very big surprise for me: on one of the photos I discovered a former student I knew from my old university! It was Ute’s friend! Small planet!

After our last meeting Ute had to travel to Tunisia, and I was not forgotten. I got immediately market photos from Tunis via e-mail. I hope she had good wifi.

So let us enjoy together the sights of the different markets, which I hopefully will discover one day as well.



  • Kyrgyzstan Market


Osh in Kyrgyzstan

Osh is the second largest city in Kyrgyzstan

  • Kyrgyzstan market in Osh




  • Market in Thailand


Tunis, capital of Tunisia


  • Tunis market scene