Puzzled – Moore Street Market, Dublin / Ireland

Flowers, a cigarette & fashion on Moore StreetIrish prideButcher on Moore StreetExotic produce shop on Moore Street

When traveling I check my own database of markets around the world, check out blogs and read travel guides. For Dublin, the market in Moore Street, not far from the busy O’Connell Street, was recommended. I am not sure why, maybe because of lack of market alternatives in Dublin downtown. As you may see already, I was rather disappointed – but let’s try to be fair.

It was shortly after St. Patrick’s Day festivities, when only a few of the market stalls were present all lined up along Moore Street. And why should vendors not relax as well? The few vendors who were present all had an open standard stall of a few square meters on wheels covered by a white & blue marquee. Mostly fruits and vegetables were on sale, all clearly coming from the wholesale market, still in their (export) boxes. The produce were usually sold in larger quantities, e.g. 8 bananas for 1€. Customers were frequent and enjoyed buying these fairly cheap produce or flowers, seemingly enjoyed doing so on this hassle free market.

More interesting were some shops along Moore Street. A couple butchers had beautiful displays and I am still amazed that they were working with shirt and real ties. It kind of shows respect towards the dead animals, doesn’t it? Coming from Germany, where I see less and less independent butchers, it is great to see this craft in such beauty: colorful shops, appetizing meat cuts and sausages and more. One butcher even had mosaics of a sheep and a bull on the pavement in front of his shop.

Another shop brought back memories of my visit to the market in The Hague: to see the exotic produce like yams, cassava, plantain, okra and much more was just beautiful. Looking at the people around I was wondering who was cooking them at home.

It was a short visit of the market without too many rewards and no clear insights in Irish food or cuisine. I was left puzzled even after having been in a nice coffee shop to get warm again on this cold day.

All in all: Good for cheap daily purchases of standard produce. Look out for the shops along this street.

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