Global city, local food – Place Guillaume II market, Luxembourg city

  • The flower stall
    The flower stall

Luxembourg is small but truly global. Walking through this very tidy city, people from all over the world are here to benefit somewhat from this special financial and political (EU) place. Many commuters from France, Germany, Belgium are coming for a well paid job.

The international ambiance of the city is reflected at the Place Guillaume II Saturday market, where a Lebanese business man eats a Bratwurst from a German butcher cart which is operated by a Polish. People from (probably) Asian countries enjoyed this hearty street food as well. Germans bought ostrich (!) pâté from a Luxembourg producer, a meat not widely available in Europe. The flower and plant stall was operated by an Italian gardener. Swiss cheese was available, artisan nougat from the Provence (France), Austrian cured ham and mountain cheese – even lactose free one, German baking goods, Greek olives, honey and oil … It was nice to see that European local specialties were well represented.

Still local products were as well, especially when it came to fruit and vegetables. A small farmer was selling his last tomatoes, other a full autumn bounty. Local fresh apple juice was in season, a tasty must buy. Beets were presented prominently next to the more summer time type bell peppers and zucchinis. On a side note: zucchinis are kind of what the tomatoes are since many years, available all year long – there is no season anymore, hmm.

Next to the official languages Geman & French, there is also an official local language “Letzeburgesch”, closely related to German. But this is not a barrier to use English at the market as customers come from everywhere. I saw some German signs on a produce stall which surprised me a bit, but I was corrected. The local lady vendor explained that it was “Letzeburgesch”. She was saddened that this language is less and less spoken and strongly incorporating too many words and expressions from neighboring countries or even further.

This contrast of global and local at this market truly intrigued me. It presented itself so naturally, adding to the relaxed and friendly ambiance of the market. I felt very comfortable in this diverse and peaceful place, enjoying how people made their discoveries, not afraid to try something new. This made me forget that the day was gray and cold.

All in all: A very friendly, diverse market enriched by the global crowd – truly enjoyable

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