Innovation at the market: Cookit, Bonn / Germany

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Cookit, a new kind of market offer

Yes innovation is possible at a food market!

It is not only about new products, presentation, street food, opening hours and the like. This time it is about convenience by helping the customer to make the best out of regional products.

How does it work?

A couple years or so ago two brothers and a friend have created something new: instead of selling produce individually they sell those necessary for one serving of a proposed recipe only. They called their enterprise “Cookit” and opened a stall at the Bonn market.

How does it work? Let’s take a current recipe: a summer cherry tomato risotto with feta cheese & arugula. All the necessary ingredients including a little wine, vegetable stock, spices etc. are packed together on the spot in the right amount per serving. And the servings are generous! As the owners said: we have to be satisfied otherwise it is not enough. Looking at them gives the impression that they have a rather good appetite. At least bigger than mine.

As the stall has always a wide enough selection of recipes including vegetarian ones – haven’t seen vegan yet – the likelihood to find something appealing is high. With each purchase comes the respective colourful and straight forward recipe card with all the instructions (see photo gallery). The recipes can be performed by almost everybody and they do not take much time. Still there is always a twist in the ingredients which makes them just superior to many other food experiences.

I had the chance to purchase several times from them and I have to say that I was happy with all the purchases. The quality of the products was really good and you can taste it.

Where do the products come from?

The products are mainly regional and the suppliers are listed at the stall. They are seasonal by default. This creates restrictions on the recipes but ensures great taste. I have no clue how the logistics of having the right stuff in time for any given recipe is being managed, but it seems to work. Along the seasons the recipes change and are being published on their website, Facebook and of course on their stall.

Who is buying?

At first the owners thought that they would mainly attract a young crowd. But the mix is diverse and reaches everybody from student to retiree. Some of the retiree do not want to make big purchases and may have, due to the size of the portions, a meal for two days which they appreciate.

Facebook and the website are important to the Cookit team as they are able to announce new recipes as an incentive to their customers to come back to the market. And this way they get immediate feedback to their recipes.

And the price?

The servings are priced around 5 to 7 Euros ore more. There is certainly cheaper ways to create a meal, probably not so easily with the same quality or with less time consuming grocery shopping. And the pantry stays empty as there will be no remainders.

For me buying there means a sure winner meal at home, so far. And I do not have to plan ahead for tasty and healthy food which is a big relief to me.

All in all: a very professionally executed innovation at the Bonn market which makes sure that customers are able to have a fresh and satisfying meal on the table without wasting anything

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