Town square market in Manosque, Provence / France

  • Approaching the market
    Approaching the market

A perfect, romantic setting for a market: a town square surrounded by Provencal buildings, cafes, restaurants and a church. Large enough sycamore trees to give decent shade while having a drink and watching the market scenery. Very relaxing and taking away all worries.

Manosque is a town in the middle of the Provence not so far away from well known Aix-en-Provence. Tourists do not come in large quantities which allows for a true local flavour. And the market offers it as well.

All the produce of the region are available: wonderful dried sausages, goat cheeses, colourful vegetables & fruit, artisan bread, and much more. The black radishes were rather new to me. Pumpkin were in season as well as some other vegetables like celery roots which announced the upcoming colder season.

And again I could not resist the oysters. And it was easy to eat them on site: the vendor opened them right away even before taking the money – relaxing market. And they tasted great, even better than those of the fish market in Marseille.

And we should not forget the organic stall handled by a very friendly lady, who also offered purslane, and explained how to use in salads or stir fry it etc.

Well as the market day is Saturday, we chose to have a coffee in the shade, overlooking the market and talking about life and other things. There was no envy anymore to look at our smartphones. Great time!

All in all: A very nice example of a Provencal market, not too big, not too small in perfect surroundings.

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