Kirkwood farmers’ market, Missouri / USA

  • Approaching the market
    Approaching the market

Heading back from a visit of Soulard market in St. Louis, Missouri, we came across Kirkwood farmers’ market. This little market was founded in 1976 and serves the community. It consists of a permanent structure.

Approaching the market from the small parking lot, we were greeted by a friendly sculpture: an iron farmer painted in green.

The variety of products is quite large despite the size. All the standard produces were available. Melon were in season as well as tomatoes, corn, etc. and my favourite: potatoes. Pretty much basic and Mid-Western.

A few unusual things to me were the elk & bison meat in the freezer. I have never seen them were I live. The bison summer sausage we tried had a smooth and nicely spiced taste – worth a purchase.

To get an overview over the market does not cost a lot of time. Being there for the first time one feeling persists: it reminds rather of an outdoor supermarket than of a farmers’ market. Probably one needs to be a local and develop some kind of relationship with vendors to fully appreciate its beauty.

All in all: reminds rather of an outdoor supermarket, bison sausage was nice.

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