Market in Würzburg, Lower Franconia / Germany

  • Church & May tree
    Church & May tree

The market of Würzburg is one with strong regional roots.

It is located in the heart of the city next to the Marienkapelle a Gothic church. Würzburg is also quite known for its wine as well as for the Würzburg Residence, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the world’s largest fresco from Tiepolo.

The market has a permanent structure with a transparent roof protecting buyers from the rain and still letting them feel that the church is still overlooking the market. There are temporary stands as well mainly on weekends with farmers selling their produce. Even though Würzburg is a provincial city in the region of Lower Franconia in Bavaria the market has some noticeable and popular offerings.

Famous is the Bratwurst stand with its long queues and very fast service.

For excellent sourdough rye bread go to the honey stand. There, one of the German gourmet popes, Wolfram Siebeck, noticed the excellent choice of honeys. Well these days the choice is a bit more focused.

During the summer time there is even an stand with regional artichokes, a vegetable which is rather rare in this environment. It is also sold when in flower even though it looks beautiful, I have never eaten that part.

In autumn sauerkraut is sold by the pound in platic bags, for instant indulgence (really). Of course apples, and other regional fruit are in abundance, the same is valid for potatoes etc.

One permanent stand is specialized on goat products: meat, sausages, milk, yoghurt, kefir, all things possible from this animal are being offered. This is not so common in Germany.

I was also quite impressed by the cheese stand from a guy who mainly sells his own cheese from the region at large. Generally German cheese needs some improvements, but that one I would cater to guest without getting ashamed.

Of course in the permanent structures there is also some non-regional products available, as on most markets these days. Still the link to the region is noticeable.

All in all: A food market which focuses on regional products with some specialities worth making a break when travelling by.

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