Fir tip jelly from Saxony / Germany

  • Fir tip jelly
    Fir tip jelly

Having dinner at the Landgasthof Schwarzbachtal a Slow Food restaurant after a nice hike in the beautiful Saxon Switzerland area I was surprised by seeing jars of fir tip jelly (in German: Tannenspitzen Gelee).

Never seen or tasted it before!

As a result of curiosity and temptation I bought a jar of this hand made fir tip jelly. It was nicely packed with a handwritten label, with a dried flower and leaf glued to it.

At home I unwrapped it (gourmet jargon for un-boxing?) and had to laugh a bit, as it was filled in former pickle jar. But the taste was very settle, nicely bound into the sugar of the jelly. So I did not feel like in the middle of a forest, still it did not taste like a fruit jelly.

Searching a little bit the Internet I was surprised to find quite a few recipes.

All in all: a very nice experience.

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