Market hall in Frankfurt / Germany

  • The Wurst alley
    The Wurst alley

Frankfurt on the river Main is the German banking city, hosts  the European Central Bank and Europe’s 3rd largest airport (FRA). So it has an international flair somehow. The market hall or “Kleinmarkthalle” as it is called there, located in downtown, partly reflects this, even though it seems to rather focus on European, Mediterranean  and very local food. I did not see much catering for African, Asian and Latin American communities

The market hall was the first location in Germany where I was able to buy fresh Moroccan mint (Nana mint) which has a so much better aroma the one from Europe. So the international flair of the city seems to have some impact.

When it comes to local food it includes the beef sausage (“Rindswurst”) which is not grilled unlike a Bratwurst but cooked and eaten with mustard as a companion – it is a must eat when you are there and not a vegetarian. Furthermore you will find the herb mix for the Green Sauce (“Grüne Soße”) which is often served with potatoes, cooked meat and fish. Unfortunately I have not seen the local apple cider (“Ebbelwoi”) which is popular in the region, but not much beyond.

For a long time this was one of the great places to buy excellent cheese, and when it comes to Swiss cheese this is still valid. There is so much variety of rather rare ones and very knowledgeable staff.

When it comes to vegetables & fruit the selection is wide and originated from all regions of this planet, the choice is certainly wider than in most supermarkets. In the ground floor fish dealers will get you the fish out of the basin and prepare it for you. There is also a nice gallery underneath the roof which gives you a nice overview of the market hall.

All in all: it is a great market hall with a nice mix of international and very local products without exuding too much of a posh ambiance.

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