Sourdough rye bread from Würzburg / Germany

  • The beautiful bread
    The beautiful bread


The Franconian region of Bavaria / Germany has a tradition of good sourdough bread, often enriched with caraway as it is the tradition. This one is from the market in Würzburg the capital of Lower Franconia, also known for its wine.

This bread is still produced by a traditional baker in wood-fired stove and a home made, non-industrial sourdough with rye only. And this makes this bread so special, as the number of artisan bakers is in strong decline since years, which is sad for a country which takes pride in its large variety of breads. And this specific bread which I consider to be one of the bests in its category, will probably only be available for a some more years as the baker has no successor. Maybe he will pass on his unique sourdough to somebody outside his family so we will benefit for extended periods of such a superb bread.

What makes it superb? It is the taste, the consistency, and the long period where it stays fresh. The taste is fairly complex and has deep aromas developed by the sourdough and the addition of caraway. The crust is fairly strong and keeps the bread fresh. The inside is moist for a ling period of time, and even when spreading cold butter the bread does not easily break apart. And after several days of storage it still tastes wonderful.

Just spread butter on it, maybe add a little salt and you will experience pure joy of simplicity and goodness.

It is being produced in round loaves of 1 or 3kg.