Perga or bee bread – a honey by-product


Strolling around a little eco-fair in Bonn / Germany, there was the obligatory honey stand. The diversity of this stand was quite diverse. Besides honey there were honey based spreads, beer with honey, mead, candles, chap sticks, etc…

But what kept my attention was a jar of Perga. Perga or as it is also called bee bread is fermented pollen which happens when the bees add their saliva to the pollen. This has an preservation effect. Apparently it is rich in protein and minerals.

So what about the taste? It is dry but not too hard. There is some sweetness to it, almost raisin like, it is slightly sour, and has some bee wax flavors. All in all it has a pleasant mix of flavors and texture, but it is not a must have. Some recommend to mix it in breakfast cereals.

By the way: a beekeeper told me that a mix of pollen (collected by bees) and honey would have the same nutritional value.